Accessories and homewares that connect with the fabric of Scotland’s landscape, culture and craftsmanship. A feast for the senses with a nod to the past.

In Scotland we have a close connection to the landscape. We have three languages and in both Gaelic and Scots when people talk about where they live, it is expressed as ‘belonging’ to the place. People don’t ask you where you live in Scotland, they ask you where you ‘stay’. This is key to the sense of the country as a homeland and this range is named after that concept.

Bide has several 100% silk accessories all based on 20th century, vintage maps of the country. These maps are held in the National Library of Scotland. The silks produced from them are hand-finished in Glasgow. This range is inspired by World War II escape and evasion kit and comes packaged with a small compass - so you can always find your way home. There are large squares, small squares, bow ties and long skinny scarves. The skinny scarves uniquely include the Orkney and Shetland islands.

Scotland is home to a diverse range of cultures and bide is dedicated not only to the indigenous population but to all those who choose to make the country their home, as well as the millions of people worldwide whose roots are here.

We ship our silk accessories worldwide free - that’s how welcome you are!

Bide also has a range of scented and unscented candles which are hand made in Ayrshire. The Highlander is unscented - not everyone enjoys a scented candle and for those who are hypoallergenic, this is a great gift. We chose the scents to evoke a sense of place. Our Crofter candle smells of peat fires - a redolent memory for anyone who has visited the Highlands and Islands.

The hand-made pots are reusable - a concept we are committed to at Urban Reivers. They come packaged in our signature wooden boxes - also reusable.

This range is designed for both gifting and self-gifting so give yourself a true taste of Scotland, something to really treasure. A little different from more stereotypical Scottish gifts.